What Molly’s Up To

I love volunteering. I just got back from 3 hours of reading at the RFB&D where I enjoy spending some of my energy reading textbooks for blind students (today I learned how to direct readers and ran the recording technology).  Disabled folks can use our service too, including folks that cant turn the pages because of arthritis for example. Some students have been recently blinded and some were born blind. Either way, it’s very rewarding because of the impact on others. I’m going to join the Ambassador committee soon, so I thought I’d start by sharing some interesting facts with you about the program.

Where I volunteer, we serve Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Pretty fun territory for a gal from Vermont to think about. Wonder what listeners think of my accent?

* In Texas alone, we have over 16,000 borrowers that have benefit from our services.  Nationally, Recording For The Blind & Dyslexic provides over 185,000 people with print disabilities the books they need to learn and succeed. 

* Currently over 700 Texas schools and districts are members of our service.

* Borrowers range from kindergarten-graduate students and continuing education. We have even helped a blind woman graduate successfully from acupuncture school!

*  We have a studio that has 7 recording booths. Everyone gets to direct!

* Johns Hopkins University evaluated the effectiveness of RFB & D’s (reading for blind and dyslexic) recorded textbooks, and found a 38% increase in content acquisition reading scores.

* Their goal (and mine too, which is why I volunteer here) is for all people to have access to the printed world. 


And if you’re in Texas, they’re just right up the street off of Lamar and 45th!



Today I volunteered for this conference, which I thought was a total hit. It was great working on the event planning side of things; business is always just so much fun! The good news, is that in addition to volunteering, I was able to attend the conference, so I was able to participate in all of the learning that was going on.  Awesome. 

I learned so much in fact, that I wanted to let you know that there will be an Interactive Austin 2009 conference, so stay tuned if you feel you missed out.  Hopefully I’ll even see you there….

Here’s what a recap of 2008-

“Business District Magazine’s Interactive Austin 2008 is a one-day conference designed to bring this technology down-to-earth with compelling dialogues and case studies from prestigious speakers and panelists who are the thought-leaders in the field of digital marketing and social media.

This is a “must-attend” event for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, investors, policy makers, and managers of large companies who are looking for strategies to incorporate digital media and social commerce into their businesses and marketing initiatives.”


I know these are kind of old, but I know there are tons of Steeler fans out there! Grab your Terrible Towel and enjoy. I used to live in the ‘Burgh, so I was able to go to the parade. Yipeee.